Low Vision Rehabilitation: Jeanette Hundley’s Success Story

Jeanette Hundley When Jeanette Hundley of Nashville, Tennessee, was diagnosed and successfully treated for a brain tumor a year ago at age 45, she was thankful to be alive. As her recovery progressed, however, she noticed that she had virtually no vision on her right side. While this disability was not life threatening, it nevertheless became a major obstacle in getting back to a normal life. Jeanette was referred by her neurologist in Nashville to Duke University Medical Center for further testing and to learn if her overall condition could be improved. While there were no medical treatments...

Low Vision Rehabilitation: Tom Aldridge’s Success Story

Tom Aldridge Tom Aldridge of Concord, North Carolina, is a typical 61 year-old macular degeneration patient. He began losing his vision in 1986 and was legally blind two years later. Tom was resigned to a life in which he could only distinguish the faces of his grandchildren if he stood within a few feet and looked with his side vision. Then, in 1996, Tom was shown a newspaper article that described how the Center for Vision Rehabilitation in Durham was treating macular degeneration patients with a new AutoFocus Telescope, specially designed for the visually impaired. This computer-controlled,...

Academy Eye Voted Among “Durham’s Best” for Optometry Professionals

Each year Durham Magazine publishes a “popularity poll” of the “Best of…” in Durham. For the 3rd year in a row, Academy Eye is pleased and honored to have been selected as pne of “Durham’s Best” for eyecare, glasses and contacts. We’re honored to have been chosen and proud of the reputation we’ve earned through the years for our comitment to care, quality and personal service. Thanks fort your support!

First Patients Picked for Stem Cell Vision Trials

Two patients with two different forms of vision loss will soon start treatments made from embryonic stem cells as Advanced Cell Technology kicks off two early-stage clinical trials. The patients were enrolled at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, Advanced Cell said on Thursday. It did not release the patients’ names. The company won U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in January to try out human embryonic stem cells for treating macular degeneration. That followed FDA approval in November to test human embryonic stem cells to treat people...

New Research Unearths Fear and Barriers to Vision Health

According to a Harris Interactive survey conducted for the Lighthouse believed to be the first national survey to examine vision loss, risk factors, barriers and motivation 82% of Americans fear loss of vision more than any other sense. While this finding is not surprising, considering how many people are losing vision to macular degeneration and diabetes, what is alarming is that 86% of those who have, or are at risk for, an eye disease fear losing their vision, yet they do not get an annual eye exam the most important step to preserving vision. Because some eye diseases, like glaucoma, have...

Dr. Henry Greene Receives National Career Achievement Award

Dr. Henry Greene, optometrist and founder of Academy Eye Associates, received the 2008 William Feinbloom Award from the American Academy of Optometry at its annual meeting in October in Anaheim, California. Dr. Greene, who also serves as a clinical professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of North Carolina, is an internationally-known researcher and developer in the field of visual impairment. He has been the principal investigator on National Eye Institute and Canadian Institute for the Blind funded projects to develop novel optical aids for those with macular degeneration...
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