9 Facts Your Eye Doctor Isn’t Telling You

Eye doctors do not always tell their patients all the eye care facts that patients need to know. Maintaining eye health is an important factor in maintaining overall health. These eye care facts are not common knowledge, but they are nonetheless important for anybody interested in having healthy eyes and why at Academy Eye Associates, we focus on giving you the best advice and eye care services you and your whole family may need. It’s our job to educate you of the risks and effects things have on your eyes to help prevent further damage and prolong their overall health. Here are some things...

7 Tips From Our Chapel Hill Eye Doctors to Save Your Vision

Of all of the senses that we have, our vision is the most precious. It is our vision that most helps us navigate the world that we live in. Sadly, in the United States more than 20 million individuals are battling with serious vision loss. While not all cases of vision loss can be prevented, the following are seven steps tips to save your vision. Step 1 Use Sunglasses - Many sunglasses offer UV blocking protection. This is essential since it is the UV rays that are closely linked to the acceleration of the growth of cataracts. Sunglasses are a fashionable way to protect the eyes retina from damage....

Polarized Sunglasses: Everything You Want to Know from Our Family Eye Doctors

Have you ever skipped stones off the surface of water at a local lake or river? Many children (and adults) find this simple task so much fun! You make it a competition involving the number of times your rock would skip before sinking, right? The good ones understand if a stone is horizontal or parallel to the water affects the ability of the rock to be able to skip off the surface more times or longer distances. That was the key to success when skipping stones. The more vertical or perpendicular the stone is to the water, the more likely it will sink. Light rays are reflected or absorbed based...

Our Chapel Hill Eye Doctor Provides Tips to Help You Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome is a symptom that occurs when the eye develops a dryness that in turn can cause eye inflammation, and could result in a lack of tears for your eye. While it doesn’t usually impact the vision right away, if the symptoms are left untreated, they can be detrimental to your vision. While there is technically no way to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome, there are ways to reduce the risks of getting it by understanding what causes DES, and the kinds of treatment you can receive. Our team of Chapel Hill eye doctors are experts in the field of eye care and can offer you advice to try to...

What You May Not Know About Contact Lenses

Brief History of the Contact Lens Far back in the history of mankind, in 1508, Leonardo da Vinci described and drew the sketch to express his idea of a contact lens. But it was in 1827 that Sir John Hershel, an English astronomer astounded the world with his idea of making a mold of a human eye so that a lens could be made to fit perfectly. Sixty years later in 1887. F.A. Muller, a German glassblower used these ideas to create the world’s first known contact lens. Contact lenses are full contact optical accessories which rest directly on the cornea to facilitate a better and natural vision...

7 Reasons You Should See Your Eye Doctor Each Year

If you are like a lot of people, then you may underestimate the importance of seeing your eye doctor. You may even wonder whether you really need an eye exam. The importance of seeing your eye doctor cannot be reiterated enough. Below are seven reasons that you should see the optometrists in Durham: 1. Your Sense of Sight Is Very Important In order to preserve your sight, you must take care of it. Seeing our optometrists in Durham is one of the most important things that you can do to care for your vision. 2. Your Vision Is Always Changing One of the reasons that you need an eye exam is because...
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