4 Tips to Relieve Nasty Itchy and Watery Eye Allergies

Allergies are a nuisance to anyone who has had the misfortune of having eyes that are picky about their surroundings or air quality or sunlight or countless other irritations eyes experience. Itchy and watery eyes are inconvenient and sometimes painful. There are several solutions that individuals can use to help with their eye allergy symptoms and our Durham NC optometrists help explain some of the issues and tips to find relief today. Pinpoint the ProblemEye allergies usually come forth due to dust, pollen, animals or changes in the season. Different people react to different things, so it is...

What Causes Eye Allergies in the Spring & Fall Seasons?

Eye Allergies Itchy and watery eyes are a common occurrence for people during the spring and autumn seasons, leading to seeking a remedy. Dealing with allergic reactions in the eyes on a daily basis makes it difficult to live a normal lifestyle while driving or using a computer. There are many different causes of eye allergies from a variety of substances that typically float through the air before landing on surfaces of the eyeballs or eyelids. Fortunately, an eye doctor in Chapel Hill can perform allergy testing to determine what a patient is sensitive to before prescribing treatment to alleviate...
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