Henry Greene, OD, FAAO, founder of Academy Eye Associates, and Clinical Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been involved in a broad range of clinical research endeavors throughout his career.

Dr. Greene has lectured throughout the US and Europe on his clinical research work. You can view PowerPoints of his lectures and other files other documents he has produced.

Low Vision Research

Dr. Greene has been the principal investigator on numerous National Eye Institute grant projects to develop the Ocutech low vision telescopic systems. Many thousands of these devices have been prescribed by doctors throughout the world. They help support the vision needs of individuals with macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, optic atrophy, albinism, nystagmus and many other vision disorders.

Dr. Greene continues to develop new devices and clinical methods to treat the vision needs of the visually impaired, both through his work with Ocutech, the UNC Department of Ophthalmology and the Center for Vision Rehabilitation at Academy Eye Associates. He also serves as a consultant to hi-tech electronics firms as they seek to develop technology to serve the needs of low vision individuals.

The Center for Vision Rehabilitation conducts clinical trials using promising new low vision technology developed both through Ocutech and through other firms working in this field. The Center frequently seeks individuals willing to become subjects for these trials. These research projects are usually government or industry sponsored, are closely monitored, and are of no cost to the individual.

Hemianopsia Research

Individuals who have suffered head injuries, stroke and other neurological or ocular disorders can develop visual field defects called hemianopsia where vision is lost in both eyes to either the right or left side, or occasionally the superior or inferior visual fields. One can also develop a quadrantanopsia where only a quarter of the visual field is affected. These disorders can profoundly impact the ability to walk, drive, read and engage in normal daily activities. As the cause of the vision loss is usually due to brain injury, other associated functions can be affected including speech, memory, and visual perceptual functions.

Through Dr. Greene’s extensive clinical experience in managing the visual problems associated with brain injury he has developed several original evaluation and treatment methods for hemianopsia. These include the “Greene Hemianopsia Chart” and rehabilitative techniques to improve reading, and mobility. These may include the use of vision therapy and special prism lens techniques including the new Peli Prism system.

View information about Dr. Greene’s work on hemianopsia and the Greene Hemianopsia Chart:

Pediatric Vision Research

In collaboration with the Duke University Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Greene evaluates and follows children who undergo Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Transplants to treat a range of genetic disorders including Hurler’s Disease, Krabbe Disease, Sanfillipo Disease, Hunter’s Disease, Adrenoleukodystrophy, Tay Sachs as well as many other MPS and genetic disorders. Dr. Greene has developed special examination techniques and methods to follow these children, often only months and sometimes weeks old. He uses special examination equipment-rarely available in most eyecare offices-especially for children, some imported from Germany, to carefully follow and treat these potentially vision threatening disorders. These include the PlusOptics Infra-red stereo-optometer, one of only several in the US , and the Sweep VEP which uses electrodes attached to the head to measure brain waves to detect vision problems in young children. Dr. Greene has evaluated hundreds of at-risk young children and has developed very specialized techniques and treatment methods to follow their very special needs.

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