Low Vision Rehabilitation: Jeanette Hundley’s Success Story

Jeanette Hundley

When Jeanette Hundley of Nashville, Tennessee, was diagnosed and successfully treated for a brain tumor a year ago at age 45, she was thankful to be alive. As her recovery progressed, however, she noticed that she had virtually no vision on her right side. While this disability was not life threatening, it nevertheless became a major obstacle in getting back to a normal life.

Jeanette was referred by her neurologist in Nashville to Duke University Medical Center for further testing and to learn if her overall condition could be improved. While there were no medical treatments available to improve her vision, they did refer Jeanette to the Center for Vision Rehabilitation in Durham. The Center had been successful in the past in helping other patients who had suffered similar visual impairments from tumors, stroke and head trauma.

At the Center, Jeanette was evaluated by Dr. Henry Greene; and he told her that although her vision would never be normal, he could dramatically improve her ability to see to the side.

With a special pair of prismatic glasses, which function similarly to a side-view mirror on a car, Jeanette is now able to accomplish things that most of us take for granted. She can see people sitting with her in a group, she can more safely walk through crowds, and she can more fully enjoy going to the movies again.

Thanks to Jeanette’s trip to Durham, seeing is no longer such a great challenge. Sometimes we don’t think about some of the simple things until we lose them — like seeing our friends, family, and even strangers around us. Fortunately, the vision care expertise and technology that Jeanette needed was available at the Center for Vision Rehabilitation.

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